Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Working out all the Angels

The combat has become much more brutal.
The elf Twinkle was finally brought down by Gabriel only to be instantly healed by the distant Porkins.
Rather than stand and fight though, she fled back to the protection offered by the stubborn dwarf.
The cowardly tiefling Belial also chose to blast and run, hurting the Minotaur Michael, but only glancingly.
The other three ‘Angels’ concentrated their divine fire on the dragon-born paladin: Rip.
Blow after blow rained down on him, leaving him bloodied, reeling and blinded.
Somewhat heroically though, he managed to stay on his feet
So, four sessions in and all the combatants are still on their feet (if one of them, just barely).
Twinkle, Gabriel and Raphael have used their Action points and poor Rip has used his Second wind!
Next session: Monday the 2nd of April. 9pm.

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