Friday, March 16, 2012

Manus Archangelus won’t play bull

Round one: From the Revengers perspective.

Looking southeast toward their mutual enemies, the Revengers held their breath. This wasn’t going to be an easy battle. Their opponents were unknown and appeared powerful.
An eerie gong signaled the beginning.
As expected, Twinkle, the elven archer, was quickest to respond. Choosing the odd, quadrupedic Minotaur as her quarry, she notched an arrow in her bow and danced forward.
Belial, Crossbow in hand, followed her at a run, as did the slower Dragon-born and Dwarf.
Unfortunately, the Archangelus team elected to run north from their position to be out of sight. Hidden behind some ancient ruins.
Only Twinkle was able to get a couple of shots off and even then, at a distance and through heavy cover.
She was lucky to even score the glancing blow she got.
The Dragon-born Paladin: Rip, whispers an oath to his god and summons up his protective powers.
The Dwarven Cleric bellows a few bolstering prayers and summons a spirit of light.
Belial can do little but wait.
While standing there though, he seems to swell and darken. His horns, hooves and teeth seem to thicken and lengthen to a measure that threatens to overshadow even the Minotaur: Michael’s!

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