Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So may I reintroduce to you…

Squinting through the dispersing mist, the rust coloured Rip takes in his opponents.
He’d hoped to get another shot at the Apocalyptians, but these strange, freak/angel creatures would do.
The frail looking Twinkle looks up at her Dragon-born husband with her elven eyes. His pride is one of the reasons she loves him, but it’s also the cause of so many of their battles.
A low muttering below draws their attention to their new dwarven teammate. Porkins hasn’t said much since their introduction. It’s obvious though, that he’s also got something to prove.
And standing in front of them all, his teeth bared, is the tiefling Belial. It’s quite apparent though that he’s there purely for the thrill of the fight.

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