Tuesday, May 1, 2012


As a little bit of work avoidance, I just worked out approximately how much damage the Revengers were forced to heal from the vicious assaults of team Manus Arcangelus... Including THP boosts but not including Belial's regeneration or the Healing spirit's major contribution, the Revengers' were forced to heal loads... Porkins: 9HPs (Totally ignored by the angels as he was only able to take one action per round). Belial: 33HPs (Not enough to fell him as he was surprisingly ignored by the angels on the most part). Twinkle: 86HPs (Easily enough to have knocked her out). Rip: 206HPs! (I guess I did rather put him in harms way). Total damage healed (excluding the regeneration and Spirit of healing) was: 334! And this doesn't even account for the fact that the Revengers had Resist: 5 ALL damage. Even more in regard to fire (13 resistance) in Belial's case!

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