Monday, May 28, 2012

Tat: 2

Back in town, Vogir sells his lesser magical items to the local vendor of magic and then seeks out the sorcerous tattooist to have his Demonskin tattoo embellished. The process is painful but will no doubt be worthwhile. The blue dragon’s lightning breath is not something Vogir’s prepared to suffer through again

Vogir upgrades his Demonskin tattoo: (10 resistance)


  1. How many items are we allowed?
    I thought it was one of level 16.

  2. I sent an email (think I hit everyone with it) that said I'd allow you one 16th level item, or multiple items that total to 16 levels (e.g. two level 8 items, or four level 4 items, etc).

  3. Yes I remember that of course - I only asked because I thought Kirk had selected 3 that seemed to add up to more than that - but then again I don't have the books.

    Anyway, Dokan would probably take a Holy Symbol +4 which I think from browsing earlier is a 16 level item - correct me if I'm wrong.

    Also, I don't think your email said if we got any gold ...

  4. I did wonder about Kirk getting three items, but I'm sure he's not trying to pull a fast one...
    Maybe he can tell us all exactly how he did it?
    Also, maybe he can tell us where he got his tattoo upgraded :-p

    No gold.
    It's my way of punishing you all :-p

  5. I never cheat or lie. Not because I'm particularly noble, but rather, due to my appalling memory, I just find it easier to be honest.
    I took the option to take lesser items as I find the 4th edition magical pricing system a little odd and unfair.
    I took the value of a 16th level item: 45,000gp and spent that on lesser items.
    Helm of opportunity: +2 to hit on opportunity attacks. Lvl: 14 (21,000gp)
    Handy haversack: Always weighs 1lb. Lvl: 10 (5,000gp)
    Longbow of distance+3: +3 to hit and damage. Lvl: 11 (9,000gp)
    Total: 35,000gp.
    Then, when back in town, Vogir sold his two current magical longbows for 1,072gp (1/5 value) and used that (plus the majority of gold he already possessed) to 'upgrade' his magical tattoo.
    Demonskin tattoo: 10 resistance to a specific source after Action point. Lvl: 13 (17,000)
    New total: 50,928gp (The additonal 5,928gp supplied by previous adventures.)
    Hopefully no-one has any objections. (I did admittedly make up a convenient magical vendor and tattoo parlour.)

  6. I'd intended that the total magical level should be 16, not necessarily equivalent in monetary terms. i.e you could have 2 level 8 items.
    While you've now spent less in money, you've actually gotten 35 levels worth of equipment.

    I'm happy for you to buy / sell as you will and so I guess you could argue that you 'found' the 16th level item and sold it, but you'd never get the full amount from a vendor.

    I don't really know how money / levels equate in DnD.

    Hopefully Dag can help us out here...?

  7. That would be massively unfair.
    1 level 16 item: 45,000gp
    2 level 8 items: 6,800gp.
    I 'found' the helmet, bow and backpack. I sold some of my old equipment for a fifth its original value. I bought the tattoo at its full value.

  8. Possibly, yes.
    But gaining three high level items is also unfair :-p

    Let's see if Dag (or anyone else who understands the rules) can shed any light on the fairness of this.

    Either that, or I'll just pick one 16th level item for each of you.

    I have no issue with the tattoo at all ;-)

  9. What I think:
    First, you notice that values of magic items increase faster than the level.
    So the relationship is not linear.
    Second, the value increases to reflect how much more valuable a 16th level item is compared to a 15th.
    So it is clear that 1x16 is not the same as 2x8, value-wise.

    But, in the end, Scott decides what we get - and he said that the levels have to add up.
    He could have said "Spend 45,000" but he didn't.

    I am happy to walk away with a very coveted 16th level item thank you very much ;)

  10. True, but Scott said that AFTER I'd scoured the books for bargains.

  11. Kirk: "Does it have to be a single level: 16 item or can I choose a couple of lesser items instead?"
    Scot:t "Don't see any harm in more items as long they add up to no more than 16th level."

    Pretty clear I think. Kirk, you are definitely trying to pull a fast one. If the collective rule in your favour then I am going to have to scour the books for bargains and that just sucks.

  12. I took it to mean the financial value. :P

  13. I do agree with Assiv here. Kirk rightly points out that the contraint put out by Scott is somewhat strange, if seen from a monetary perspective (one would get much less value if one was to split up and go for two level eight items). Nevertheless, the contraint is worded quite clearly, and ultimately it is the DMs choice. So, I would say that you have to make a hard decision if you want to have one single level 16 item (which you can freely pick), or several lesser items that dont add up in level to more than 16. While this will not give you the same amount of monetary value, it would at the same time give you more options to customize exactly what you want.