Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Recessive compulsion

Happy to watch Indigo and Rudha-an creep up the spiral steps, Vogir hides stealthily behind the solid but now open front door.
Let the more gung-ho members of his group take the risks while he stays safe under the protection of Dokan.
Vogir’s smugness ends however as he feels a strange tug…
It’s as if a hook has lodged itself behind his navel and he’s being fished from above.
Unwilling but unable to resist, Vogir glides up the stone stairs closely followed by the equally dominated Dokan.
Cursing, Vogir finds himself compelled to follow his teammates through the first doorway they’d come to.
Inside the room’s gloomy interior, Vogir can just make out the shadowy form of some humanoid creature sitting behind a huge desk covered in parchment, skulls and candles.
‘Don’t be shy humans. Come in.’
Vogir grimaces. A demon. And, from the power of the compulsion he just felt, a powerful one.
The demon is already conversing with Indigo, but it doesn’t sound like it’s going well.
At the sound of the words ‘In exchange for your soul’, Vogir feels his eyes unconsciously slide towards the many hiding crevasses within the circular but large, gloomy and cluttered room.

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