Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Worse than the Black Cloaks

As Vogir and Orestes wrestle manically over whether Sibylle should live or die, she quickly realises her peril. Far from being the valiant heroes she had expected them to be, her would be saviours appear to be worse than her captors. Yes, they had kidnapped her, but they were only going to send her to her mother - they would not have even entertained the thought of murdering her in cold blood!

Bellowing with a mixture of fear and rage Sibylle belches forth a large electrical storm cloud that erupts in the middle of the party, sending them reeling for cover. Seeing that the way is clear, and sensing that the Black Cloaks enchantments had faded with them, she barrels through through the open door, screeches through the room containing the Black Cloak corpses and smashes her way through the wall to freedom.

Recovering quickly, the party follow her. The monk leaps through the new hole in the wall, landing softly as a feather, whilst the others charge down the stairs as quickly as they can.

Arriving outside, they all look up but Sibylle is already a receding speck in the sky, flying not towards Thereanthor's capital - but towards her adoptive home of Fewham.

Realising that their prize has gone - and with it all chance of reward money - the party set about exploring the Black Cloaks tower in search of anything they can find that will make this misadventure more worthwhile.

You may each have one level 16 item of your choosing (unless, and I'll take this under advisement, level 16 is deemed too high - please let us know in the comments below).

Here ends the adventure to save Sibylle and thereby encourage Fewham to join the anti-Theranthor resistance. Instead, Fewham remains isolated from the Theranthor's rule, but also treats any of you as hostile. You should be so proud of yourselves...


  1. This is where Orestes should turn to the others and without a trace of irony say "See? This just proves that violence is never the way."

  2. Oh crap. No chance of a reward then.
    How did it go so wrong?

  3. So, as we argued over what to do with the dragon we'd been tricked into rescuing, she blasted us ALL with her electrical breath weapon, flew past us and smashed out through the solid stone outer wall...
    Do we really believe she and her corrupt, duplicitous adoptive (for a purpose) father would help us against her mother and his leader?
    Dealing with the Dragon appointed: Patrick Rician (an accomplished liar and politician) was never going to go well.

  4. Also, I'm not proud.
    I'm ashamed.
    Ashamed that I let that stinking, cold blooded, blue bitch of a dragon get away!