Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Unintentional cheating?

As I seem to inadvertently stirred up a hornet’s nest, I'll bow the will of the majority. I'm not sure why anyone would have a problem with this though.

There's a massive difference between a level 16 item and a level 15 one.
Two level 8 items do not equal a level 16 one.
The best example I can give in favour of my point of view is this...

'A level 16 item you say?'
'A +4 two-handed dynamic sword?'
'Nah, I'll take three potions of healing instead as they have a level value of 5, therefore total: 15.'
Level 16 value: 45,000gp.
Three level 5 potions value: 150gp.

Ultimately I'm actually getting three and a half much lesser items in exchange for one good one.

The items I've chosen are quite utilityish. A helmet that gives me a boost with opportunity attacks, a backpack that lets me carry more stuff and the worst +3 longbow you can get. These items do make for a more colourful character though.

The problem I have with the double-sword wielding Vogir is simplicity...
I don't want to get him a single 16th level longsword (eg. +4 Dynamic: 45,000gp) as I'd be forced to remember two different 'to hit' and 'damage bonuses' as well as the different special abilities of the swords.

Did Scott mean for us to choose from a surprisingly small selection of 16th level items or can I just find 45,000gp in a chest and suit myself?

According to the rules of magical treasure acquisition in the DM guide, we’re allowed to buy anything of our level or lower.

So, Scott, Assif, Dag, Christoph and Hagen… Do I get my selection of lesser things and some gold to spend or do I simply get a boring longbow +4?
(Not meaning to load the question or anything?)


  1. I've ruminated a little more on this and I think Kirk has a point.

    I have to ask "what was Scott's intention?". I think he wanted to let us choose a magic item appropriate to our level. But intentionally gave us the opportunity to choose a couple of "lesser" items instead of one.

    As Kirk mentioned, you cannot equate items in terms of level, so the only equitable measure is monetary value.

    And it is truly equitable as a 16th level quit of plate armour has the same value as a 16th level wand.

    So I rule in favour of Kirk and wish I hadn't questioned this in the first place :P

  2. I believe it is up to Scott, but I agree with Kirk that 2 level x items do not equal one level 2x item. The only real measure is monetary value.

  3. I also pretty much agree with Assif.
    I didn't realise monetary value and magic level were so stupidly inconsistent.

    The spirit was to give you something good each, but allowed you (well, Kirk anyway!) to trade one great item for more lesser items.

    Here's the final ruling.

    You may have any number of items up to a monetary value of 45,000gp.

  4. Actually, I quite fancy that +4 dynamic longsword now.