Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cut and Thrust

While waiting for the resistance to scout out the best weapons store to loot, Vogir practices his swordplay with Orestes.
Thinking back to the battle with the now headless Will Crimson, Vogir laughs at his recollection of Dokan’s surprise when he'd lept from the cliff-top to enter the fray.
An archer!
They all thought he was an archer!
True, he can use a bow but it’s just a tool to take out his enemies at range.
Due to his Grandfather’s constant nagging, Vogir understands a bows value, but it quickly becomes a burden when engaged in melee.
What does surprise him however, is everyone elses complete reluctance to use them.
A whack from the flat of Orestes sword snaps Vogirs attention back to the mock combat.
Orestes is more skilled and physically stronger but he’s not as quick.
Two swords cleverly used will always overcome a sword and shield.

Vogir learns ‘Claws of the griffin’. Another double attack encounter power.

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