Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is there anyone you can trust?

As they ate a very welcome dinner in the comfort of William Indigo's place, Dokan mentally looked at the people he had found himself with. Could he trust any one of these creatures?

Alan A'Dale had joined him in revenge against InWood's bandits and seemed to have good reason to do so. Yet he had turned pretty quick and tried to blow him up.

Of those who he had travelled from Gilderock with, Ghanash and Ruddha-an had fought bravely and seemed trustworthy - so far.
Vogir, however, who had appeared capable and upstanding, had turned around and insisted they become thieves. Hardly and glory in that. He had gone down in his estimation hugely.
Orestes had just laid stiff on the floor as the rest of them faced the onslaught of the bandit leader Knife. He would reserve judgement on him until it was clear why he had cowered on the floor.

And then there was William. Despite the fact that he had fought by his side bravely, Dokan's instinct was still telling him there was something very wrong about this guy.

Only time would tell - as usual.


  1. Vogir's ' gone down in your estimation'?
    Said by a mercenary working for the Dragon!
    I would have happily given the plunder back to the people.

  2. Vogir never said he would return the money!

    And anyway, they would have had to pay it again in further taxes ...

    Maybe if we hadn't escorted the loot, the black-cloaks would have done it instead. Maybe they should have been doing that all along. Lazy bastards.

  3. A small little voice in Dokans head offeres a much dire option: Yes, the Dragon's army, led by the black cloak, would have certainly guarded the cart after slaughtering the farmers first for disobedience.....

  4. Administrators who slaughter tax payers are cutting off their nose despite their face. No farmers no taxes - and also no food production. All they have to do is provide an official escort - not so hard, surely.

    Something is definitely rotten in Rottingham and Nackered in Vornak. I want to go back to the other side of the Stonefang mountains!

  5. Just another reason to fight against those bastard black cloaks!

    Interesting aside...
    Indigo's a lawyer.
    And old fashioned term for lawyer is...
    Black robe!

  6. All the awful memories of Sven's last great adventure are oozing like putrid puss back to the surface of my conciousness.

    Oh the horror .....

  7. What do you mean 'awful memories'?? A graceful dragon, a warm and cuddly pit-fiend, people dressed in neutral black, camp elves that you can't see.......what part is awful?? :D

    And well, yes, aehm, .... lawyers wear black cloaks as well......

    And Dokan, the Dragon has the philosophy that if you kill one village, all the others pay on time. Until they forget again and you have to slaughter the next. Now since villagers are a regrowing resource, the system has a stable point...... :)

  8. Also, Vogir did discuss the option of returning the money to the people.
    Ghanash listened but everyone else was in too much of a hurry to stop and think.