Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tenacity thou art painful to watch

Epic battle round 4 about to begin...

The Knighty knights lost one of their number but made a bold counter attack. Unfortunately they failed to finish off Team Apocalypse’s leader.
Despite being one man/tiefling down though, the Knighty knights are hanging on in there...


  1. It should have already been well in the Knight's favour had I not been so wasteful.

    I had a chance to take out pestilence completely and spurned it. The result was that she was back on her feet and unloaded all of her healing in a round to leave the whole of team apocalypse practically at full health.

    More damage from my knights was forthcoming, but I can't help but think that by now it would have been all over.

    It is now a matter of time before Team Apoc take out the severely weakened Knighty Knights.

    It will indeed be painful to watch, let alone play.

  2. I will try to make it less painful (to watch, explicitly NOT for the Knights ;-) ). But I have my doubt. Also Team Apocalypse is not an example of perfect health.....