Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Family debt

Vogir had heard stories about the mysterious Black cloaks before. His Grandfather actively hated them for tricking him into helping them open the dimensional gateway over a hundred years ago.
His Father had to travel regularly to Seawell to pay them the Dragon’s tribute.
He had even seen them once or twice in his youth.
What he had never seen was one of them attacked or hurt.
They never deal with the people directly, always preferring to use people like the Sheriff to act for them.
Still, how tough can they be?
They are only Wizards after all and Wizards are physically pretty weak.
Isn’t that why they need to trick the physically stronger into helping them?
Still, it’s been over a hundred years since a member of his family killed one of them.
That’s surely long enough.


  1. If you would ask around Vornak whether Black Cloaks got killed in Rob Inwoods attacks, the official story would be that if Black Cloaks had been there, the attack would have been unsuccessful and the attackers dead! You can hide lots of rumours under a black cloak.......

  2. They're not so tough!
    (I'm 4th edition, they're not allowed to be.)

  3. Actually, I think a fairly low-level 3.5 fireball is quite impressive by 4e Standards...