Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Mean Fiddle

After dressing, Vogir brushes his teeth and wanders downstairs for breakfast.
Despite Vornak being a decent sized town, the Inn is quite dirty, the ale is warm and the food barely edible.
Idly watching the cook pick his nose and wipe it into his beard, Vogir resolves to book out of it and seek out Ghanash, Rudha-an, Orestes and Dokan.
The Mean Fiddle, he realizes, is a Vile Inn.


  1. The Dragon's Inn was just next door but for some reason you didn't want to check in there.....

  2. I've been saving that one since the last raft of 'Inn' gags.

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  4. Seems that my brain tried to save me by not acknowledging the joke. I want to officially second Ghanash's first comment!

  5. I imagine this one will cause poor Christoph to attempt suicide.

  6. At this moment a mushroom walks into "The Mean Fiddle" and orders an ale. The landlord looks at him and says:"We don`t serve your kind here" The mushroom looks puzzeled and replies:"But why? I am a fun guy."

  7. After the mushroom leaves Vogir gets back to his breakfast. The tavern is empty apart from the landlord, and suddenly he hears a voice:
    "Wow, that is a nice bow."
    Vogir looks around but can see anyone. He goes back to eating his breakfast, but again he hears a voice:
    "You look like one handsome ranger"
    He deciedes to call the barkeeper over this. After he tells him the story, and relates that he fears to lose his mind, carefully avoiding the part were he communes with entities from the fey wild, the barkeeper replies:
    "It`s the peanuts."
    "What did you say?"
    "Yes, I said it`s the peanuts, they are complimentary"

  8. The peanuts capture Vogir`s interests, and he deciedes to eat one. It tasts quite blant, and he confronts the remaining peanuts over the lack of taste.
    One peanut looks up apologetically, raises his arms and says:
    "I once had a peanut friend who was really tasty, ... but he was a salted"

  9. Losing interest again Vogir eyes wander to the door and a sentient termite enters. He is not surprised, the dragon`s realm seems to house all kinds of creatures. Swallowing his specicistic urges he beckons the termite to come over and take a seat. Once seated the termite turns towards Vogir and asks:
    "Is the bar tender here?"

  10. Loved them all - nice work Christoph!