Monday, March 7, 2011

Which way to Bow?

Sitting outside the Inn he’s staying at, Vogir notices a couple of men hurry past.
Recognising one of them, Vogir sits up to watch more closely.
They stop for a moment to talk and then they head off in different directions.
Going back in, Vogir gathers his equipment and follows after the bandit they’d so recently caught.
Perhaps he’ll lead him to the bandit leader?
Vogir has to admit that he’s been more than a little tempted to join their cause.
Still undecided though, he’s content just to track the thug for now.


  1. Dokan doesn't really know Vogir very well yet - so maybe he won't feel bad when he kills him ;)

    But that may be a bit premature - Vogir could still be on our side ...

  2. Does the Party have a side?
    We seem even more mercenary than before!