Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My motives are clear

After booking out of the Mean Fiddle, Vogir quickly finds his travelling companions.
Dokan fills him in regarding Indigo’s travel and introduction offer and Vogir explains to everyone, his take on the situation and what he wants to do.
Vogir’s not really interested in stopping Rob Inwood unless it’s in the interests of the people.
He is extremely interested in killing any lone Black cloaks wandering outside the financial hub town.
Taking out a few of the Sheriff’s men would also be a bonus.
Before they leave Vornak however, Vogir wants to buy a horse.
He might be needing a quick get-away!


  1. So let me get this straight...You are starting your own Guerilla war against the dragon? Count me in!

  2. I see I have to prepare black cloaks and half the dragon's army again.......at least the fight won't be nearly as long as the last encounter :)

    I might even still have the character sheet of the dragon.......how good are your rolls against fear aura?