Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The fair and equalish division of Treasure

Whover takes magic should pay for it in some way.
I understand that in the 4th edition system of weirdness we can only sell it for a fifth it’s value, so to be fair that’s where the price should start.

Vogir doesn’t care for either item so let Dokan take the magic boots and I’m assuming the all-new Rudha-an can use the hide armour.


1) Boots of Quickness. Value: 680gp
Total: 680gp

1) Irrefutable Hide Armor +2. Value: 520gp
Total: 520gp

1) 2 x Potions of healing. Value: 20gp
2) 45gp
3) 3pp. Value: 300gp
Total: 365gp

1) Silver Circlet. Value:250gp
2) Platinum ring. Value: 50gp
3) 1pp. Value: 100gp
1) 1 x Potion of healing. Value: 10gp
2) 5gp
Total: 365gp

Nothing. (Is this right?)

This means that Dokan and Rudha-an do well out of this but Ghanash and Vogir can’t complain...
Too much.

Sounds fair?
Also, doesn’t Dokan owe us some gold?

[Edit: Dokan also gives everyone (including himself and Orestes another 80gp.]


  1. Dokan splits the money (400gp) evenly among those who agreed to guard the transport. That includes Orestes and Dokan himself.
    So split is:
    Orsetes, Ghanash, Vogir, Ruddha-an, Dokan = 80gp each.
    He also offers to give 40gp of his own share to Will Indigo for his help in protecting the transport.

    As for the boots and treasure split: I'm not sure I agree with this at all. Sometimes we get gold, sometimes treasure, sometimes both. There is no guarantee that we will find compensatory gold when, for example, we find a bow that Vogir is interested in.

    Money should be split evenly. Magic will even out over an adventure and goes toward party good anyway.

  2. Your theory is completely dependent on the whims of whoever's DMing at the time.

  3. Hey, trust the DM I say! ;-)
    I agree that the DM holds all strings there but doing it the old way will lead to an equal amount of problems. That's why I hand-picked items so that they are usable by people who are low on magic and offered to buy lower level magic to equal things out with money you've split equally.

    I guess since we are a small group of DMing people we can trust each other enough. In theory group size -1 magic items are given each adventure, so as long as one character leaves an adventure empty handed and it's a different character every time we are fine!

    Did I mention that Niema left empty handed last time? ;-)

  4. Niema no treasure? Hmm - that was definitely a mistake on my part. Definitely not intentional.

    Funny how monetary compensation becomes an issue when there is nothing for Vogir to nab treasure wise.

    To allay all discussion, I return the boots to the public split and take my share of gold. And a potion. :(

  5. Assif, if nobody challenges you for the boots: keep them! Just because Vogir who definitely didn't often go empty handed (and might get a bow out of that adventure) starts kicking stones around.....

  6. And Assif, don't worry about Niema. She was a new character and was quite happy with what she had. I didn't expect any magic from your adventure. If Vogir would have taken anything that she wanted she would have put the effort in to get it from him ;-)

  7. I don't agree with any of this.

  8. Do you mean you want the boots? Or you don't agree that we should spilt money evenly and treat magic separately as we always have?

    I'm not going to push this argument though - it is only a game after all.

    I will take the deal you have laid out and hold you to it in the future ;)

  9. Sven's system only works fairly is each DM allocates each player/character a specific-to-them magical item of equal value per adventure.
    If that's what he's doing...
    Fair enough.
    If not, then i don't agree.
    So far Vogir's doing alright magic wise but it's interesting HOW he's doing so well.
    His magic wand, Dagger, longsword and amulet are cast-offs from other characters.
    His bow, gloves and boots were bought (from an even split of mundane treasure despite others getting magical items... for free!)
    So far in six adventuring levels all he's got is a +1 sword, a +1 set of leather armour and the belt of Vogir (from you thanks).

  10. Well, I sort of agree in terms of treasure allocation. When I was DMing it was very hard to apportion items fairly. Each item of treasure in the module stated that it could have been replaced by another item of equivalent level. This was clearly to help a DM even out treasure to party members.

    Anyway, treasure is a right royal pain in the arse.

    Here is a suggestion: Each of us should list a set of items we would desire (for a give set of levels) and give them to the DM. He then has the responsibility of giving them to us if he feels we have been successful in traversing his adventure.

  11. OK.
    I want a bicycle!
    A red one!!
    With a bell!!!

    Also, we should get them regardless of being successful.