Tuesday, May 3, 2011

99..100...Here I come!

Jen got up when she heard the voices outside. She looked next to her, but Vogir was already gone. With a smile on her face she got dressed and stepped out of the small tree house. When she looked down she could see the group of adventurers sitting together near the main fireplace drawing sketches into the dry ground and arguing. Undoubtedly planning their fake tax cart journey to find Rob Inwood.
She looked over to where the voices grew louder and more agitated. She could see Bernard, one of the youngsters that acted as messengers between the hidden outposts, talking to Fry and a few others. He was very exited about something and Fry tried to calm him down it seemed. She started to climb down the ladder and thought about the last few days. The attack on the fort was more than successful. They had already started to distribute the food,tools and weapons the adventurers had brought back, to the other camps. Enough weapons to train people and defend their hidden settlements.

She had reached the group and started to pick up some of the words when Fry saw her approaching and turned towards her.
"We have to have a gathering! This news calls for a quick decision! Send out the other boys to get the camp leaders together tomorrow night!"
When Jen looked at him with raised eyebrows he seemed to remember
"Ah, sorry, the camp at the lake thinks they've found Rob Inwoods main base of operations. Or at least one of their hunters was stupid enough to follow a raiding party back to a fortified camp built into one of the old keeps. He claims to have seen people training inside the camp and that it's definitely not one of their resting outposts..."
Jen stopped him
"If what that guy claims is true, we have to indeed decide what to do with this information. If the location is far enough from our hideouts, we could tip off the Black Cloaks and even get the money. But I think also the adventurers are looking for him for that reason. I'll get the leaders together for tomorrow."

The next evening Orestes, Vogir, Ghanash, and Rudha-an were looking at the others. Dokan had left to help in one of the other outposts. Vogir was the first to talk
"So you definitely want to tip off the Dragon's errand boys and get them to attack and destroy the mercenary's camp? But they fight on the same side as you!"
One of the older leaders looked at Vogir with a serious expression "Rob is on nobody's side but his own!" He rolled back his sleeve to reveal the mark of the Merry100. "Believe me young man, I was fighting for him a long time ago until I became sick. Not being able to fight anymore, he dropped me like a foul apple. I'm only alive today because I knew the guys who were ordered to dispose of me. This bastard does not care about people. He only cares about his own coffers and does whatever the highest bidder asks for. When the Merry100 came back again after working outside the valley for years, they were more brutal than ever. I think Rob Inwood made a deal with somebody way worse than the Dragon...."
Fry put his hand on the old man's shoulder
"Yes, there is no question that we have to get rid of the Merry100 if we want to stay hidden. The Dragon already concentrates troops in Vornak and word has it that more are on their way. They will actively start searching and, knowing their methods, that will cost the lifes of many innocent people! Our families! Our friends!"
He looked at the adventurers
"As we've said, if you want to use that information to take him down and collect the bounty then go ahead! You have done more for us than we've imagined, so we are in your debt and are more than happy that you collect the Dragon's money. But Rob Inwood has to disappear and we might not get this information again for a while after he changes camp. We can't wait! What do you say?"


  1. OK, so Ghanash, Orestes, Rhudha-an and me are to attack a hundred and one bandits... in their own fortified stone keep?
    I like your sense of fair odds.
    Do we at least have a wheelbarrow?

  2. You can have 2 wheelbarrows and a speaking parrot that can say "Arrrrr! Shiver me timbers!"
    Just so that nobody can say I'm not fair!

  3. Oh, and they are called Merry100 for historical reasons. That does not mean you will encounter 101 well-trained fighters in the keep.
    Can be any number between 20 and a few hundred more or less experienced fighters.....

    And some parts of the keep are wooden structures. The keep was a ruin, they had to fix some holes!

  4. Let's try to join them. :)