Thursday, May 12, 2011

Parting Shadows

He could see the slender woman sitting at the desk facing the opposite wall. Only a few meters and a quick kill separated him from reaching the next level in the guild. He had chosen to remove Chada-Ky from her position since she was feared amongst the younger members as the best on her level and this kill would bring him extra fame. He had never gone for the easy career moves! He adjusted his position carefully, fastened the grip on his curved dagger and, with a powerful jump, left his hidden position.

The bolt embedded itself deep in the head and started to tilt the body, which was still mid-air forwards. Just a second later, it slammed into the ground just a foot from the chair. Chada-Ky turned and looked up towards Niema who stepped out of the shadow next to the place where the younger assassin had appeared.
"Nice shot!"
Niema looked up "Thank you! I can't believe this guy really thought he could attack you after just a minute-long observation of the room. He didn't even consider the possibility of somebody standing next to him!"
The Shadar-Kai woman bowed down to pick up the dagger and place it on a shelf with an assortment of exotic weapons.
"Yes, the quality of the younger recruits hasn't been high lately. But this one should have known better! I taught him myself and he had potential, but he was always aiming higher than he should."
Niema started laughing
"Seems that your reputation is fading when these guys already consider you an easy target for career advancement!"
"True! But isn't that the beauty of our system? The idiots making those immature decisions free their space in the hierarchy rather quickly and you don't have to deal with them anymore. Let's just hope the one taking his place learns from his mistake. I would like to be targeted by somebody who poses a challenge for once!"

Niema looked at the small crossbow in her hand. It was carved out of matte black wood and covered in intricate golden patterns. "Indeed a nice weapon you have there. Perfectly balanced and I could barely hear the trigger myself when I pulled it. Where did you find it?"
"I found it in the weapons collection of one of my targets a while ago. He was totally into small crossbows and had an exquisite selection. I used one of his own weapons to kill him."
Niema smiled "I thought so. You were always into these kind of details! I have to get myself one of those! You wouldn't know where I can find another one?"
"Keep this one, I hardly ever use it. I'm more into direct body contact as you know!" She moved towards Niema and pushed the hand with the crossbow aside! "It's a shame we already have to part again. I wish I could stay longer, but I only have a small time window for the next job. Will you still be here when I come back?"
"I don't think so. I also have to leave and head back towards the realm of my own guild. There was no good job offer so far and maybe I should also use the free time to look whether one of the senior guild members is tired of his position and wants to vacate his or her space for an ambitious and good looking tiefling. I also have to see what my heroic group of travellers are up to and whether they also travel back. They are fun to travel with and seem to constantly attract training possibilities!"
The two women hugged each other tightly for a long time before Chada-Ky loosened the grip and turned her head towards the middle of the room.
"Would you mind giving me a hand with the body?"


  1. Tantalising us with even more hints of girl-on-girl action....?

  2. Somebody has to. And looking at the group, I realized that it's best if Niema provides the fantasies....