Friday, May 6, 2011

Three months ago today in Highmarsh

Stavro sniffs the envelope suspiciously. It’s addressed to his old partner Vogir but as he’s not here…
Slitting open the course paper, he pulls out its contents. A letter for Vogir and another, already opened, envelope addressed to someone called Mendez.
Stavro reads the letter, his lips moving as he struggles to decipher the ornate script.
Vogir was much younger than Stavro, but they’d been like brothers when they were smuggling together. He’d left nearly a year ago with the very same Dragon-born he’d idiotically got into a fight with outside the tavern.
A fool.
A heroic fool though.
Stavro knew vaguely where Vogir had gone to and so he sends word to find another messenger.
Writing a note of his own, he adds it to the bundle and stuffs it all into a fresh envelope.
When the teenage messenger arrives, he orders the young man to take the letters to Winterhaven and deliver them to Vogir personally.


  1. Wait - Stavro thinks Vogir is heroic?
    Wow. Stavro must have a yellow streak a mile wide ;-)

  2. Why are all my character so misunderstood?