Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yet more treasure

Orestes gets the Sacrificial Longsword +3.

Vogir takes the Long bow +2.

Lucky Dokan gets the Fey-Blessed Circlet.

The remaining two adventurers: Rhudha-an and Ghanash get 500gp each.

Poor Indigo gets nothing as he's staying to help the Rottingham resistance.

Someone new's coming though to help us out in a non defensive way...



  1. Indigo does not have high charisma, so the fey circlet would be pretty useless for him. So rather give him some money. That means I have to actually work out now how much money my throw away character has, and if i want to actually continue playing him.

    I got he feeling that people liked Velorien much more. Such a nice, humble eladrin.

  2. From a meta-gaming point of view, I'd rather not give any cash to a character who wasn't going to continue...
    From an in-game perspective, I could excuse myself as Indigo wasn't really part of our group...
    If you keep him, the circlet goes to Dokan and Indigo gets 333gp.
    If you don't, Dokan still gets the circlet and Ghanash and Rhudha-an get 500gp instead.
    Sounds fair?

  3. Totally, this is what I would have suggested myself. Give me a few days to determine which character I am going to play in the upcoming adventure. I would also be tempted to try out a wizard, or some other kind of controller, since our group is currently not having a controller. But I shall see.