Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rise of the Vedics

Turning his astute ears to the sound of the distant siren, High Vedic Leibniz calls to his underlings for an explanation.
After a few minutes, two red robed individuals scamper in.
“What’s the meaning of the alarm?”
One of the deep red-garbed underlings squeaks with fear before clearing his throat to respond.
“My apologies High Vedic Leibniz. The alarm from one of the unused secret entrances has been tripped.”
Vedic Leibniz stares at the speaker before responding…
“So Fibonacci, they got past your little test did they? How far have the pushed in?”
The other creature steps forward.
“They proved their intellectual ability by solving my colleagues mathematical problem, so they’re not just opportunist orcs or goblins, but they set off the alarm in the uncanny valley. We’ve sent some troops down to secure the final exit, but even if they beat the machines and get through the steel door, I doubt they’ll find the correct exit.”
Dark eye’s narrowing, the obvious leader hisses.
“You doubt?”
“Well High Vedic, I can only say that the odds are against them to correctly guess the right path… Considering the number of options, I’d say it was only one in sixteen!”
Speaking quietly, High Vedic Leibniz sighs.
“The trouble with probability Pascal, is that eventually, someone always beats the odds. Double the soldiers guarding the correct door… and send some guards to the outside of that entrance, just in case they find their way out of the stench below.”


  1. I like that you've named the lead baddie after a type of delicious chocolate biscuit...

  2. Forget Pascal, Fibonacci and their mathematical cousins - where are Gary Baldy, Di Jestive (welsh) and Rich T (the rapper of course) ??