Monday, May 16, 2011

There's a light, over at the Finklestone place!

After waving the adventurers off, Petra Looks up at Vin from her mechanical chair. Adjusting her thick blanket, she smiles at her old friend. Since Sokoloff died, she’s relied on him more and more to run the village.
“Do you think they’ll succeed?”
Vin looks down at her impossibly wrinkled and leathery face.
“If what Vogir’s told us is correct, they’ll need to if we ever hope to see our kin again.”
Petra smiles and sucks on her corn pipe.
“Such a good boy. He reminds me so much of his grandfather… That Orc though… He reminds me of someone too… Someones?”
Vin waits for a moment before he realises that the old lady has fallen fast asleep.
Turning to the gate, Vin wheels her slowly back in.

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