Monday, May 16, 2011

That’s life guards

Standing in front of their commander, the two gate sentries look determinedly at the floor.
“Yes Sir. Sorry Sir. It’ll not happen again Sir.”
The commander lets the colour drain from his face until it’s closer to its normal beetroot.
“I understand that it’s just six gold pieces, but it’s the principle of the thing. If we just let these things go, the Black cloaks will start taking a more active interest in our affairs… Our finances.”
The older of the two guards coughs and stammers more of an explanation.
“Calm down, I realise you were bewitched in some way. It doesn’t take a genius to work out these adventurers took advantage of you. The only question is why?”
Pacing around his office, the large commander stops and as if talking to himself mutters, “Keep your eyes open for this group of monsters. What were they? Two Tieflings - a male and a female, a Dragon-born, an Orc, a Gnome and a seven foot tall tall Human? Shouldn’t be too hard to spot.”


  1. Well, "just six gold pieces" is a little bit misleading, and it illustrates how we are basically celebrity like rich pimps burning money like nothing. I believe skilled labour sells in DnD at 1 Silver piece per day? Meaning that 3 GP is the equivalent of a month salary for a clerk, or a baker. In modern day equivalent, this would be a few thousand pounds. Telling your boss, well, ok, we lost the 2000 pound in cash, but what is the big deal, has a slightly different ring to it.

  2. I agree. To the Party six gold pieces is nothing.
    To the guards is was potentially their jobs!

  3. If only Niema would care about the jobs of two guards who wanted to charge 1gp per head just to enter a town.... :)