Thursday, May 5, 2011

Treasure Update

From Rob Inwood and Demise:

You only find two magic items on the bodies and surprisingly not a single coin:

1. Sacrificial Longsword +3 (Lvl11, 9000gp)
Crit: +3d6
Daily: (Free) On hit spend healing surge but gain no HP but target is weakened until end of next turn

2. Fey-Blessed Circlet (Lvl8, 3400 gp, Slot:Head)
At the start of an encounter you gain temp HP equal to your Cha modifier

Happy bargaining!

Completely forgot:

From the Lord of Rottingham on delivery of Rob's head:
Flaming Longbow +2 (Lvl10, 5000 gp)
Crit: +2d6 fire
At Will (Free) All damage is fire damage. Repeat power to return all damage to normal
Daily (Free) On hit, deal +1d6 fire damage and ongoing 5 fire damage. (Save ends)

On showing the filled out and signed forms from the general to a black cloak in Vornak who asks you to fill out 3 more forms: that you've received the money, that you were never affiliated with a terrorist group (ticklist with known groups), and a form praising the Dragon and its offspring:
1000 gp


  1. Are we just assuming I got the 1000gp reward and the magic bow and kept it for myself?

  2. To things:
    1) No, we split the 1000gp among the adventurers and Vogir gets the longsword (and no share I guess)

    2) I have a charisma of 20

  3. 1) I know. I was only joking. Hence to winky emoticon.
    (That wink doesn't mean I was joking that time.)
    (Or that time.)

  4. 2) You're just showing off. My Charisma is only 15.

  5. To -> Two

    Too late in the day methinks

  6. Just added the 1000gp and the bow.