Monday, July 12, 2010

The Dragon Tales Cup

After the ‘Epic battle’ between Sven’s ‘Team Apocalypse’ and my ‘Hell Razors’, I wondered if everyone fancied a tournament?

Simple rules:

Create a team of four 3rd level characters: Standard attribute buy. Any race, any class.
7,700gp group total to spend on whatever you want… Magic or mundane.

The map could be standard for all games or various random settings on a set area size (30x30).
(I’m guessing the ‘Maptools’ can do this.)

The four characters are placed facing each other at opposite ends of the ‘pitch’.
No surprise round but a free ‘move’ round to rearrange your team as wanted.

No need for referees from now on either. The Maptools ‘chat’ box can roll for us.

We’d need an extra player but that should be simple enough to organise for the University players.

I also think that we’d need the University server.

After we’ve recruited an extra player, we could draw lots for who faces who.
Winners go on to ‘Semi final’ and those winners battle it out in the ‘Final’.

I’ll be sticking with my last team (slightly altered), as despite drawing, I really liked them and I imagine Sven with stick with his.

My battle with Sven was great fun and taught us both a massive amount regarding the rules of movement and combat.

Anyone interested?

I may even spring for a prize...


  1. I'll be up for it as soon as I have more time again. I would keep Team Apocalypse but also alter it slightly.

    A few add-ons:

    1. I would say we create a nice map a bit bigger with different types of terrain so that we can't prepare that well for the map (e.g. ruins with more cover/concealment). The current map favours ranged fights in my opinion and will always lead to the same type of battle as we've already seen. I'll steal a few patterns from other games to create a better map (or Kirk can create tiles for trees and other structures :) which we can include)

    2. I would set up a campaign setting for 4E and a fixed rule set (sight, light sources, movement, tokens, etc). I used a few hacks now which could be put into the standard campaign.

    3. The server can run on the computer we've already used

  2. Sound like a great idea.

    Any fight involving my team would have to take place out of work time - preferably a weekday evening. Mainly because I can't access the maptools server from work, but also because it is all consuming and would get me in lots of trouble!

    Now I'll just have to get on and design a concept and a team. Wizard Wanderers, anyone?

  3. I'm going to cry off through a lack of time. Maybe after I've finished DMing, but I've still got more prep work to do for all that in my evenings :-p

  4. I certainly wouldn't recommend having the battle in just one session.
    An hour per day would probably be fine.
    Sven's and my battle was over in four rounds and the only reason it took as long as it did was because we were getting Assif to adjudicate and create the fair dice rolls for us.

    Sven's right. I (unconsciously) set the map out in the open. This does favour range combat...

    Saying that, a closed in area would create a massively unfair advantage for Defenders and Controllers...

    Can 'Maptools' be set to create random settings including walls, water, cover etc?

  5. Anyone?
    I'm dying to try my team again!
    This time I'd use tactics and everything!