Thursday, July 1, 2010

Round Two

Indifferent to such trivialities as strategy or tactics, the four Tiefling Warlocks rush Northwards and rashly manage to box themselves in between a tree and small lake.
‘Whoopsy’ says one of the identical quadruplets.
They're unperturbed by this however and merely count on their Shadowy forms and fiendish resiliance to carry them through.
The pesky Humans have all run and hidden except the big, dumb Barbarian.
‘Shoot him’ shouts Mastema.
Focusing his Warlock’s curse, Azazel does just that, with his crossbow… but misses.
‘Dumbass’ mutters Mastema.
‘If you’re sooooo clever, why don’t you do it?’ responds Azazel.
‘OK then I will’ and with that Mastema also shoots and misses.
Azazel laughs. ‘Double dumbass!’.
From behind the wall facing them one of the Humans hurls over a glowing rod. It clearly illuminates the area they’re hiding in.
‘Fuckity!’ they all shout.
Voland, gets bored of waiting. ‘It’s already been over six or seven seconds!’ and charges forwards.
The others look at him. It’s a stupid plan but at least it’s a plan.
One of the Humans, the Druidy guy tosses something ineffectual at Voland but misses.
‘Treble dumbass!’ jeer all the Tieflings.
Belial though finds himself annoyed at the brash impertinance and focusing his curse on the Druid, he then blasts him with two waves of hellish Witchfire.
Looking through the haze, Belial is suprised to see the Druid is still standing.
‘He didn’t fall? Inconceivable!’.

In the same time at the other end of the arena.....

Pestilence follows the other three behind the wall. The moving tendrils near her feet make it look as if the ground is carrying her where she wants to go. "Death! Famine! Let them come closer. They might be good ranged fighters, let them move into the reach of your swords. War, you'll go round the other side of the wall and fall into their back!" The three males nod respectfully. Famine moves round the corner and a voice comes back "I can see their outline in the shadows. They are coming round to the right". There is a hissing sound and sudden bright light flies through the air immersing the whole area in white light.
Death moves round the corner to get a glimpse of the enemy when two bolts shoot past him. "Ha! Good ranged fighters? If they can't hit me on that distance they couldn't hit a barn!"
A stare from Pestilence keeps him from charging. He nods with a smile and falls behind Famine who is standing in the corner. He holds up a sword full of runes and sharpens it with a small stone. "You'll soon taste their blood my friend! Be patient!".

War had started moving at the same time as Death while just to see the back of one of the creatures pressed against the wall opposite where he expected Famine to stand. Surprised by the distance this one has already covered he decides to return the favour for the surprise. Moving towards the center he hurls a flame seed towards the creature which bounces off the wall next to the creature's head. Cursing, he can see one of the others move towards him and starts smiling "What could these creatures possibly do to him? Him! Let them shoot a few arrows..". The pain stopped the thought in midair. Suddenly realising his arrogance he looks over to Pestilence who seems to be talking to the spirits.

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