Friday, July 2, 2010

Keep on the Shadowfell

Once back in Highmarsh, and having returned all the children safely, the party decide to reward themselves the only way adventurers know how: by blowing their gains on wine and wenches. Ghanash and Argent quaff ale by the barrel and argue heatedly about the demise of the Dragonborn empire, Bayern, Zahig and Vogir glug down their froth-topped pints and discuss the relative merits and dismerits of hooking up with such monstrous allies, and Daelagor does what Daelagor does best - he watches from the shadows.

For the first few days, word circulates Highmarsh of the adventurers' success and they enjoy a brief respite from the stigmatism traditionally faced by the non-humans and those who seem to sympahise with them. All good things must come to an end, however, and soon the locals become less receptive of the brash members of the party - lodgings are harder to come by and the whores less welcoming. The party realise it may soon be time to move on again.

Parle Cranewing, local historian and academic, realises this also and lures the party to meet him with the promise of an interesting, exciting, and lucrative job offer. Once all are seated comfortably in his study, Parle opens a large leatherbound volume and begins to relate a history of the Nerathi empire - fallen long before even the dragon had forced his will upon the world...

In the fog of hangover very few details of Parle's story stick, but the main picture remains clear enough - copper domed cathedrals and golden spired towers, unparalleled works of art, riches and wealth beyond measure.

Sharply closing the book with a 'snap' which rouses the party from their collective daydream, Parle smiles. "I suppose you'd like to know what any of this has to do with the job then..?"

*Roleplay from here... Would you like to know why Parle asked to see you...?*
*Ask him some questions - in character.*


  1. Daelagor replies polite but with an impatient edge to it:
    "How very receptive of you. You have offered a interesting and exciting job but so far have failed to explain what the job would be. What would be the work you want to pay us for and as I understand, lucratively?"

  2. Nerathi architecture is of particular interest to me and I have recently come to hear of a ruined keep near the town of Winterhaven. I would like for you to map out whatever remains and I am willing to pay you 250gp for your trouble.

  3. Vogir also leans in.

    Also does 'Local boy' Vogir know anything about Parle?
    (Streetwise: 3!)

  4. Parle looks confused for a moment, before clarity returns to his eyes.

    "Aha! You jest! But just to be sure we know where we stand, I can pay you a total of 250gp and no more. There may be relics within the ruins, which could be of interest to others however..."

    *You've never moved in the same social circles as Parle personally, but asking around you find that he's generally well respected for his and genial of personality - if something of a recluse. Certainly, no-one suspects anything untoward of him*

  5. 'Joking?' of course I was.
    Still how far away is this place and how do you propose we get there?

  6. "It's not far - maybe three days away - and the road is quite clear if a little untravelled these days. My colleague there assures me that the inn would most certainly have lodgings were you to go."

  7. "Any knowledge about creatures who might not like us to map their area perhaps? What is the area like and what do we have to expect? I don't like surprises...."

  8. Parle shrugs.
    "I wouldn't know - I'm a historian not an anthropologist! It's possible that something might have taken a liking to the ruins though, I suppose. You would do better to ask in Winterhaven once you arrive."

  9. Argent leans forward over his mug of ale. "Your comparison falls flat my friend, the most dangerous monsters I met were not humans, but supposed to be history. But if it is a strong sword you want, then I am the right dragon born for you. If only to pay due respect to the magnificent empire you described."

    Argent leans back and a smug smile creeps on his face. He mumbles to himself: "This is gonna be so much fun, indeed"

  10. Zahig frowns. Something doesn't seem right about this. 250 pieces of gold for information? In his experience the person paying must have more to gain than he pays.

    He looks over Parle and asks, with respect, "Sir, you are a great historian a searcher for truth, we a seekers only of adventure. Why cannot you make the survey yourself? Is there something you are not telling us about the keep?"

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  12. "I am no explorer, but a man of comfort and academia. It is possible that the ruins have been inhabited by something, but I have told you as much as I know for certain. My colleague in Winterhaven may have more local and up to date knowledge, though. Look for Valthrun when you arrive. He is a great scholar, but can be a little cagey at first..."

    *Insight: You believe he is telling the truth.*

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  14. "I am only a scholar - hardly cut out for the journey let alone exploring the keep's basements. I couldn't tell you if anything is down there now, though I would expect that something has made it hime during the last few hundred years. My colleage , Valthrun, will likely have more recent information. I suggest you seek him out once you reach Winterhaven..."

    *Insight: You believe that Parle is telling the truth*