Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Egil's Egalitarian Entrance

Egil's breathed a sigh of relief as he entered the Highmarsh inn. Swamps were never the most healthy environments, and this one seemed to have been plagued by the undead. Still, it seemed like he had found the group he was looking for. At Lakeport he had heard of the mercenaries who had singlehandedly destroyed the Kobold Slavers and their Goblin henchmen. Mercenaries who had not fought for the glory of a jumped-up nobleman, but rather to save and protect defenseless children. A group that Egil could tie his fortune to.

Pulling up a chair to join the bragging adventurers, he introduced himself.

-I am Egil, sworn paladin of The Mighy Kord, mercenary and currently in search of new and exciting challenges. I hear rumours of your prowess and would like to offer my sword to your cause!


  1. Well, Egil - I for one would be glad to have another sword between me and those Monsters, especially as the mighty Warlord Ghanash seems to have disappeared without trace.

  2. Vogir smiles warmly, 'Another shield (to hide behind) is always welcome'.