Friday, July 9, 2010

End Game

Belial looks up at the at the rapidly advancing Famine.
The plants around him seem to shoot up but they give him no protection from the Spirit bear suddenly at his side. A savage attack leaves Belial bloodied before Famine has even arrived.
Thus weakened, Belial falls before famine’s powerful thrust. The sword impales itself deeply into the demon’s chest.
Azazel finds himself standing alone against the two Humans.
Defiant to the last he throws another gout of Witchfire at the Warden.
Despite it being backed by his Warlock curse, he fails to hit.
Worse, the Human seems to be fully recovered from the injuries he sustained just moments before!
Pestilence takes the opportunity to try to kill Belial through an act of will. Unfortunately for her the demon’s willpower is phenomenal, even while unconscious.
Famine rushes forward to engage the last demon standing. It’s too far to enable a strike but he does catch Azazel in the frosty ground around him.
“You might have killed Death but you won’t escape him!”
In response, Azazel pulls something from his pouch, blows a loud raspberry and calls down yet more Witchfire.
Famine take the opportunity to lash out and scores a great blow with his sword. It’s not enough however and Azazel staggers away northwards as the demonic flame burns Famine.
Pestilence smiles and waits. There is only one way this battle can go now.
Famine however pursues Azazel and attacks him again with the full weight of the Earth. Azazel is quick enough to evade it though.
Deciding to help, Pestilence sends her spirit bear into the fray. Azazel is ripped open by the bear yet again while Famine receives yet more healing.
Azazel knows he’s beaten but can’t help going for a final gambit.
Counting on the still burning Witchfire to interfere with Famines aim, Azazel sprints back to his downed team-mates. He’s hampered by the frosty ground surrounding Famine though, and the Human manages to cut his back open.
Despite this, Azazel makes it to Mastema and forces the potion of healing he had palmed earlier down the throat of his downed comrade.
The effect is startling.
Mastema blinks awake in a moment and springs to his feet.
Taking in the situation with incredible efficiency, he blasts the surprised Pestilence with Eldritch rain, pulls out his own potion and force feeds it to Voland.
Voland also springs to his feet and blasts Pestilence.
She’s flailing backwards but is already badly hurt.
Azazel smiles…
Three against two.
Pestilence tries to rally and she manages to take down Mastema before he can blast her again.
Famine also rushes to her defence.
Ignoring his own safety, Voland takes more damage while taking Pestilence down.
The final three combatants look across the swaying grass at each other…
The Human is fully fit while the two Tieflings are each a blow from death.

This battle (and Assif’s attempt at fairness) was to try and resolve the argument that a group of Monster-race, Spell-casting Strikers were more powerful than a well-organised, balanced group of Humans.

Although we called it a draw, the Hell razor’s had to ride their luck (heavily).
I have to concede (at least partially) that Sven was right.

I sent my team in blasting aggressively with no thought to defence.
Sven played more cautiously and a great deal more cleverly.
Would I have done better if I’d used my range advantage?
Possibly but Sven’s Human’s had several ways to counter it.

Overall I have to admit defeat. I thought it would be an easy victory but instead I was lucky to get the (generous) draw.

On the plus side, it was great fun and a fantastic way to learn the rules.

Does anyone else fancy doing it?
No referees necessary, the Maptools thingy will do everything for you, including fairly rolling the dice.

I’d be up for another game… after changing my team… a little.

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