Friday, July 23, 2010

When Kobolds Die

The last shuriken had just left his hand towards Irontooth when Daelagor already started to move towards the cave entrance again. He takes his eyes off Irontooth as he can see him going down. The boy should be capable to finish him off completely in case he is still alive.
Shuriken and longsword ready Daelagor stepped back into the cave ready for the next attack. Looking around the empty entrance area he slowed down and started to listen. Kobolds are shady characters and some might still be hiding, waiting for the right moment to strike. Daelagors senses worked overtime. Only the sound of Zahig outside who tried to revive Vogir and the dwarf! Judging by the number of blows the body of the Dragonborn took Daelagor would guess it would take more than a few healing words to get him back.

He started to move towards the opening on the right. Using all shadows Daelagor moved through the chambers always ready to attack whatever might still be lurking there. He could not hear the others behind him. He shook his head. Mourning the dead within a battle was a character flaw that had cost many good people their life. Normally by the hand of Daelagor who considered an enemy's glance towards a fallen friend a perfect opportunity to strike.

He had reached the last chamber in the north eastern corner in the back of the cave without encountering a single creature or threat. Also this last chamber was empty except for a pile of gold coins in one corner with a wooden chest on top. Daelagor relaxed a bit and sheathed his sword after poking the pile of gold to make sure there is nothing hidden underneath. He looked at the chest: It was a sturdy wooden chest with a standard metal lock. He hunkered down next to the chest and after searching for traps around the chest took out a few small metal items. He wasn't proud that it took him 30 seconds until he heard the click he was waiting for. Still cautious he opened the lid and looked inside. Opening the lid fully and taking out the content, he looked at the chainmail. It was of exceptional quality and from the looks of it it was of Dwarfen origin.

Within a split second he was on his feet next to the wall and had the shuriken in his hand. The footsteps came closer and Daelagor relaxed again. He could clearly make out the different walking patterns of his three companions. He stored the shuriken again under his cloak, took the chainmail and started walking. He met the others in the small corridor.
"The area is save, no more Kobolds left. I've already checked the caves. And Mr. Dwarf consider yourself lucky, your god seems to be in a giving mood today".
He tosses the chainmail towards Beyern who catches it. Passing the others on his way out he points towards the chamber behind him.
"The Kobolds also left us some money to cover our expenses..."
With these words Daelagor walks towards the cave entrance.

You can see 420gp of gold coins in the pile with an empty chest on top. Right now you are standing in the corridor towards that chamber and Daelagor was inside the cave for 2mins before you caught up. What are you doing? Please say what you are doing in the comments to continue with the story. Daelagor already is on his way out of the cave with all weapons sheathed.


  1. Vogir is happy to simply still be alive.
    He's grateful enough to Zahig and Daelagor not to begrudge them anything,

  2. My character is currently very content with being dead. Argent is not going to do anything. And as I have tried to illustrate before, he is not coming back.

  3. Zahig, having caught his breath and revived those of his companions who had still not departed the mortal world, looked around. He was the last left standing, excepting the fey and elusive Daelagor, who, as usual was nowhere to be seen.
    Zahig thought it typical that he was left to clear up while Dae snuck off with no care for his comrades.

    Looking at the goblin leader, larger than a normal goblin, he realised that this was much more than he had ever bargained for. Summoning up courage he took his dagger, made sure the stinking beast was dead and then pulled his "iron tooth" that gave him his name. At least that would be worth something in honour if not much money.

    With the valiant Vogir and the stoic and benevolent Beyern on their feet and it being clear that the massive Argent would never rise again, Zahig thoughts turned once again to Daelagor and wondered what he might be up to all this time...

  4. If it is not clear, my above post means I/we also search the goblin's body.

    We should also search the other bodies for treasure although I suspect they won't have much.