Friday, July 2, 2010

Round three

Azazal turns to the impudent Human Druid. It makes him smile to smell him burning but it’s still not acceptable that he’s still on his feet.
Sending a blast of eldritch energy, he’s gratified when the Human falls.
Feeling the power of his death, Azazal floats back towards a nearby tree.
Mastema also sees the human fall but he’s not satisfied. He moves swiftly over and sends another blast of eldritch energy.
There can be no doubt, the boarish Druid is no more.
‘Horray!’ all four Tieflings shout gleefully.
Their joy is undampened as another of the Humans rounds the wall. This one seems to be a poorly armoured Fighter covered in sheepskin and frost.
The Tiefling’s laughter soon dries in their throats however when the human charges. He smashes past the overly confident Vorland, pushing him backwards. The Human then unleashes a burst of power that hits Mastema like a hammer. Even Vorland feels its resonance.
They both also find themselves rooted to the spot.
Vorland’s in a very bad way; It’s only his fiendish resilience keeping him conscious.
His reaction though is typically unreserved.
Spitting defiantly at Famine, he attacks with everything he has, despite being in range of his sword. He rains multiple waves of Witchfire down on the Rammish Human.
Famine takes the opportunity to retaliate and slices Voland’s chest deeply but it’s not enough.
Famine burns!
The Shaman: Pestilence stops them toasting their success though by making her spirit presence felt in the form of a gigantic bear.
It appears instantly between Mastema and Belial rending them terribly and knocking them prone.
The great translucent bear also transfers some of that spirit energy into a healing force for the still burning Famine.
It’s then that Death makes his appearance.
Mastema makes the mistake of slashing at him with his dagger as he passes and narrowly avoids Famines instant retort.
Death slashes around himself, his sword arcing through the air rips flesh and blood from both Mastema and Vorland.
Both Demons collapse in devilish and bloody heaps…
But Death hasn’t finished yet.
Lowering his lion maned head, he charges wildly at the distant Azazel. His initial sword thrust misses but he whirls madly and strikes again!
The sword embeds itself deeply into the tree Azazel had dodged behind.
Belial can’t believe Azazel's luck and unleashes his most powerful curse, filling the Barbarian's mind with hellish Dark dreams.
The huge Barbarian staggers back clutching his head.
Azazel grins showing twin rows of razor sharp teeth.
Howling like a banshee he also throws the same curse at the obviously weak minded Human.
The Barbarian reels under the two forked assault and tumbles to the ground by Azazel’s cloven feet.
The temptation is too much for the demon to resist and he drives a spike of eldrich energy right through the helpless Humans fleshy heart.
Then with a wink at Famine, he turns and runs before the Human can get any ideas.
His laughter lingers behind him ringing out loud and long.

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