Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Safety in Numbers

Vogir sits in the tavern with his three surviving comrades. Food and ale cover the table as they plan their next move.
“Iron Tooth and his Kobolds were more vicious than I’d imagined. Without Egil or Ghanash to stand behind, we were barely a match for them. I suspect it’ll be much worse if we face Kalarel’s forces in the keep without a suitable replacement for Argent.”
Daelagor and Bayern say nothing but Zahig interrupts.
“What happened to Egil? He seemed keen to help us; perhaps he will again?”
Bayern leans in, “He was a useful shield true, but we could still use a couple more.”
It’s Daelagor who finishes the conversation.
“Do they need to be warriors?”


  1. Why would Daelagor say such a thing? :)

  2. Because he was possibly thinking about his cousin?

    This post was for Christoph and Hagen to introduce their new characters.
    Why haven't they?
    How can I prepare my anti-monster-race rants if I'm given no time to prepare?

  3. Daelagor thought about his cousin on the way to Winterhaven when he saw a tall tree and got reminded of his family's estate in the canopy. His thoughts are with them whenever he has time. He hopes they enjoy the amenities and beauty the feywild offers over this plane! :)

  4. Egil wanders into the inn, a big bruise around his eye, his armour covered in bloodstains. Loudly demanding large volumes of alcoholic beverages to the barkeep, he plops himself down at the table.

    "Right! Where were we?"

  5. That eye looks sore. Perhaps this bag of gold will help salve it a little?
    It was Argent's share but he won't be needing it anymore.

    Vogir hands Egil 110gp and 6sp.
    (Our generous contribution.)