Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Loot and XP

You sell what weapons and armour - taken from the kobolds you've encountered so far - upon your return to Winterhaven. You also get your reward from Lord Padraig for destroying the kobold lair and killing their leader, Irontooth (100gp). Furthermore, you equally split up the gold that Irontooth was hoarding (420gp).

In total, each of you (Egil included, Velorien excluded) can now add 110gp and 6sp to your personal stash - on top of what you may already have gotten throughout the course of our adventures so far.

You also have an Orcus idol and amulet. You may or may not wish to sell these: Zahig discovered that the idol, at least, could be employed as a ritual component... Let me know what you choose to do. Also, please let me know who is carrying those items ;-)

Winning out against numerous foes (barely) has taught you some important lessons. Not quite enough to hit third level, but not far off either. Each of you (Egil AND Velorien included) now has 2000xp - just 250 short of the next level...

Please let me nnow if you're going to purchase anything or want to ask any more questions of any of the townsfolk. Hint: Have another look at the letter you found on Irontooth if you like intrigue...


  1. I thought we'd settled on equal share of experience but treasure and magic dependent on who ever is present...

    As for the idols...

    They can only do us harm. We have two clear choices:

    1) Destroy them.

    2) Use them as a lure to hopefully get them to attack us with a smaller force thereby diminishing the acolytes guarding the keep.

    I'm for option 1. Too many things can go wrong with option 2.

    Actually there is a third option:

    3) Destroy the idols in secret and then anounce that we want to sell them.

    Best of both worlds?

  2. I was going to divide loot and xp by who was there, but I figure this solves any arguments, like the starting level/equipment one, before they begin.

    Option three won't work nw you've told the DM :-p

  3. Hi Scott, Why are you still at work?
    I'm sitting at home with my boy on my lap.
    I'm off to the Cotswolds tomorrow morning so won't be able to chat again until next week.
    Option 3. could still work as the DM has to be impartial.

  4. Also, just for safety, I'll hold onto Egil's share of the treasure for him.

  5. I was leeching my neighbour's unprotected wireless network ;-)

    Enjoy your holiday...

  6. Daelagor was holding on to the orcus idol since we found it at the dragon burial. He doesn't want to sell or destroy it until we know what it can be used for.

    I was also wondering how Egil got his money :) The argument that divine power is omnipresent doesn't count for paladins :)

  7. You were all very nice and divided it up for him. ;-)

    After all the to-ing and fro-ing I decided to stick to the "it's just a game" line and divide everything equally so that no-one is 'punished' for missing sessions.

  8. We should talk to the flower seller girl and find out what she knows about the layout of the keep and secret ways in/out.

    As for the "spy" in winterhaven ... I have no idea what to think. My order of suspicion would be first the owner of the inn (perfectly placed to spy), second the shopkeeper (because he was so unhelpful) and third the captain of the guard (why not!).

    But, I'm not very good at spotting intrigue (I never guess the murderer in agatha christie type novels), so frankly I may be talking rubbish.

    I'm sure the rest of you would do much better than me, or at least know what kind of question to ask.

  9. When they split up the money between them there was thunder and lightning in the sky and everybody got the feeling that they should make one stash more :) Daelagor is very suspicious of people who have to use divine intervention..... :)

  10. You know the deal: Who are you asking, and what are you asking of them?!

  11. Dear DM - I refer you to my comment above.

    Zahig will ask the flower girl what she knows about the keep and ways in/out. He will buy a particularly nice bunch of flowers from her and tip her way over the odds so she might feel like talking. In fact Zahig gets as flirty as he can get and announces that the flowers are for her!

    My other comments where a gee up to our fellow adventurers - I have no idea who the spy could be.

  12. Delphina, the lithe elven flower seller, giggles at your immature but enthusiastic approach to flirting. She purposefully jiggles a little with her laughter, giving you at least some reward for your efforts.

    "Ooh, sir, such a sweetheart you are. I shall put these on me bedside table and think of you when I see them..."

    "I've never been into the Keep meself - it's too dark and scary for little me - and besides, I doubts there's any flowers growing down there!"

    "I've only ever seen one way in. It's in the center of the ruins - it was probably the main entrance from the courtyard before the walls all came down."

    "Be careful if you're thinking of going up there - there's some nasty goblins who look like making it their home..."

  13. Phew! That was fun. Pointless, but fun.

    I shall scribble off a couple of GP for the expenses.

    I was led to believe that she might know more. Never mind.

  14. A couple of GP? Had I known it was that much I'd have at least written you a full frontal ;-)

    Take off 8sp - that'll be more than enough.

    I quite enjoy making the pointless characters seem more fun (remember my charismatic old man at the inn?!). It's an annoying habit for a DM, I know... :-p

  15. Upon arrival in Winterhaven (depending on the time) Daelagor goes to the blacksmith again and asks him whether he has some shuriken (or can produce them when I show him one). He would buy 8 of them if possible (standard price 2sp) and asks how much that would be.

    Afterwards he tries to find the elven woman Ninaran and tells her that the kobolds are dead and the place cleaned of Orcus scum. He asks her whether she has ever been to the old keep?

  16. "I can make them for yer - that'll be 16sp, or 1gp and 6sp, whichever yer prefer."

    You don't seem to be able to find Ninaran anywhere...

  17. Daelagor takes the first shuriken, throws it into a vertical beam in the shop a few meters away and picks it up again "Very good quality indeed. Well balanced. Good work!" He hands over 16sp, thanks the blacksmith and leaves.

    After not finding Ninaran, Daelagor returns to the inn to meet or wait for the others.

  18. Is Daelagor a fool? No good will come of keeping the orcus idol. If he refuses to destroy it, he's on his own as far as I'm concerned.

    Also as for 'Egil's share of the money', surely this is a role playing decision? I say we split it between whoever's present.