Thursday, October 28, 2010

Filial Piety

"They killed Ma! The horny bastards!". The Prince of the Rodeo looked out at the charred, smoking body lying in the grass.

"We can take them! Let's make a run for it! Let's kill them like we did the marines!", Sailor Man started forward, only to be restrained by his brother.

"Don't! They will blast you down with their demonic rays of death! Hang on, I think I can see her moving, she is alive!"

The brothers looked at each other. The only being they had ever loved was lying bleeding to death on the battlefield, exposed to the infernal embraces of the Tiefling's vicious powers. They had no choice.

The Prince waved a stained handkerchief over the wall, shouting over at the demons, "Hey! Let's talk. Do you guys want any pie?"

1 comment:

  1. A draw was agreed because, to be fair, It was a stand off.
    My Hellrazors wouldn't go out and face his long ranged Denim recruits and he wasn't planning to come into the ruins after me.
    Dag pursued it just because he wanted to see his team in action.