Thursday, October 28, 2010

Calling for a White Knight

The sounds of the fight seemed to slowly die down. From what she could hear the fighting was now focused to the area in front of the gate. Good. Hopefully the attackers kill this bastard Kelarel who had chained her up here. She looked amused at the chains. He knew it would humiliate her to be in such flimsy chains. But carrying out his last order would have been against the code. After all, she wasn't your garden-variety mercenary who would do everything for money.
She felt humiliated though that he was able to capture her so easily. She had underestimated his magical powers and he had known her own powers too well. Shackles and chains, pah!

Suddenly a scream from Kelarel and the Shadowfell creature got her out of her thoughts. With an inaudible noise, the glimmer emanating from the magical circle on the ground around her vanished. So Kelarel was dead. One problem solved! She got up and peaked over the base of the statue to see the attackers. All male and a dwarf! Perfect! She went back down on the cold stone, adjusted her suit and the shackles, brushed off some dirt from her tattooed dark red skin and gave off hushed sighs.
Nothing happened. She rolled her eyes and started to breath loudly and in quick succession as if nervous.
Again nothing. She looked over the edge again and saw them healing and searching only the immediate area for now. She sat back down and shook her head. Well, she had to take what she could get. She took a deep breath and with the most helpless voice she could master started to speak...