Thursday, October 28, 2010

Keep on the Shadowfell: Epilogue

Surrounded and outnumbered the maniacally evil Kalarel succumbs to the weight of numbers. As he drops to the floor, the Thing In The Portal writhes and lashes out one more time to snare the cleric - dragging him kicking and screaming into the Shadowfell. The inky-black film within the portal, having lost its connection to this plane, dissipates. The ground tremors abate.

The Rift is closed. Winterhaven and beyond have been saved.

But at what cost?

Daelagor lies dead in the temple above and Egil was last seen pushed through the portal, roaring in defiance, never to be seen again.

Searching Kalarel's body reveals that his Rod of Destruction was merely a means for channelling his filthy arcane powers. He was, however, carrying a wickedly magical (+2) dagger (+2 to hit and damage, and +1D6 damage on a crit) presumably employed in his grotesque sacrifices.

The suviving party members also find a cache of gold behind Kalarels altar which divides (conveniently) into six 150gp piles.

Having defeated Kalarel the party lick their wounds and return to Winterhaven - carrying the corpse of Daelagor with them. Velorien wonders how he will explain this to his queen...

Upon arrival, the scholar Parle Cranewing is waiting for them - having made the journey to Winterhaven himself on hearing from his colleague that the party had set off for the ruins. In return for the painstakingly drawn maps that you have accumulated he gives each of the six surviving characters 250gp for their trouble.


  1. I'm alive!

    How did we search canderel's body?

    Also, I search the 'room' and kill anyone (especially Tieflings) I find chained up.

  2. You make a very good point - let's assume instead that the dagger was shaken loose when the Thing in the Portal cliamed him.

    Either that, or you don't get it :-p

    As before - if none of the surviving characters want the dagger then I'll swap it for something else. From last night's count, Hagen is possibly the least well equipped...

  3. 'Hagen is possibly the least well equipped'?

    That's how rumours start!

  4. A +2 dagger after killing Daelagor? That's just stabbing the finger in the wound......

    And Vogir finds a beautiful girl dressed in a black, slinky leather suit chained to the altar behind the statue. She is looking up to him, throwing her long black hair over her shoulder with an alluring swing of her head and says: "Finally a strong and handsome guy to cut my chains! Please help me stranger!"

  5. Talking of Daelagor...
    What cool stuff does Vogir now have?

  6. Great denouement Scott-the-new-killer-DM. I am very sad to see Egil and Daelagor go, especially as we will soon have an Assasin in our midsts. Is it too late to resurrect Dae, please???

  7. Oh, and: Zahig can use a dagger.

    Would be nice to have something to use at close-quarters that wasn't ranged.

  8. Daelagor had the following items:
    Duelist dagger +1
    Leather armour +1
    Hand Crossbow (17 bolts)
    8 well crafted shuriken
    non-magic dagger
    5 pints of oil
    1 sunrod
    climbers kit

    .. and interestingly: One small lyre

  9. And everyone shouted 'Little liar!'