Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Four in the bed

Disentangling themselves from each other after their victory orgy, the Hellrazors wash themselves for the upcoming battle.
‘The Knighty knights?’ ponders Vorland out loud as he spies the next challenge.
‘Sound like Paladins to me…’
Looking around, Azazel licks her plump lips and responds.
‘I’ve heard they’ve got a couple of archer Rangers as well.’
Belial looks up.
‘Archers you say? Our previous opponents have all been melee-based combatants. That gave us a strong advantage…’
Mastema’s eye’s start to well up and, looking to their leader, she asks.
‘Are we in trouble?’
Vorland smiles as he answers.
‘Well if we’re to die, does anyone fancy another quickie?’


  1. The Knighty Knights were, I'm afraid, utterly outclassed by the damned Tiefling Warlocks. That is one powerful team. Demon Stride is simply unfair!

  2. Actually I was pretty frightened, but with such limited options all I can do is use bullying mob tactics.
    At one stage it was down to two all.
    If my luck hadn't changed...