Friday, October 15, 2010

Out of the blizzard of Flames!

Welcome to the fray....The....DENIM RECRUITS!!!!

I give you an outlaw band of fierce rebels, attacking authority in all possible forms,
in particular that of other rebels. They are punkier than thou, and so cool that even the
halfling can pull off leather trousers. Not that they would ever wear such apparel, nothing
but blue denim can contain their swelling magnificence!

First out! Here is the DESTRUCTIVE GIRL!

This halfling Sorceress is the true leader of the gang.

She is a nasty piece of work whose only endearing trait is her love of meat-pie. Abandoning
her former romantic entanglement with an anthropovoric hill giant to pursue her love of
destruction, she rules the gang with an iron fist, tempered with the velvet of maternal love
and home-baked sentient-creature pies.

Second the two half-orc ranger twins: The..Prince...of the Rodeo, and...The...Sailor Man!

The Prince of the Rodeo abandoned his name and clan and travelled the wastes of Fissa,
seeking to prove his manhood by taming the mighty beasts of the world. His filial love
was reignited during his attempt to bludgeon the mighty sea leviathan into submission
using only his unnatural weapons. Unaware of this struggle, his brother, The Sailor Man
was busy committing a one-man mutiny against the crew of a Seawellian Man-o-War. While sages
speculate as to the outcome of this epic battle, these speculations were rendered moot by
the leviathan smashing into the ship and gobbling up the crew. As the brothers mounted
the leviathan and set sail for the Furnace Coast they swore never to be apart again.

And last, but not least we have....are you ready? We have...THE ONE....THE ONLY....DENIM DEMON!

This former noble Eladrin Warlord tried to be part of the Eladrin Court Scene, but his love of coarse fabric made him an object of ridicule amongst his effete, fabric-softener loving fellows. His loneliness and despair focused his mind and now he is back with a bang, with his own denim gang, and while not all of them are men, he is going to make denim come back again!

See them and despair!


  1. I suddenly feel VERY frightened.

  2. This is getting more like WWF by the day ;)

    Interesting that you have also decided to go non-human. What, do you think humans to be underpowered in this game???

  3. Non-humans reduce the complexity of character creation. I was very close to picking humans but decided that it required a bit more rulescraft than I had.

    If they were first level, I would have had to choose human, but we will see if I made the right decisions after they get slaughtered.

  4. Hmmm Dag, have you been listening to Turbo Negro again?

  5. This is completely unrelated to me converting my turbonegro cds to MP3s over the weekend and listening to them on my way to work and back. I was going call the halfling "the grunge whore", and include a bit more homoeroticism, but decided that the blog is already plummeting to new depths without my help.

  6. And suddenly everything becomes clear...