Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Revised Dragon league table

Can no-one stop me?


  1. I have decided that Sven's 'Team Apocalypse' merely got lucky to get that draw.
    The 'Hellrazors' are invincible!
    Anyone think they can beat my team of 'Monster-race/Spell-casting/Strikers'?
    Any challenge (no matter how feeble) accepted.
    As for the other teams...
    Aren't you curious who's second best?

  2. I think we are suffering from "fastest gun in the west" syndrome. If we defeat the Hellrazors, we are automatically the best.

  3. Truthfully. I was lucky to get the draw vs. Sven and I beat Assif and Josh through experience.

    Josh's team are pretty much the 4th edition dream team.
    Assif's team filled me with fear.

    The first battle teaches you a lot though and gives you a strong advantage against newbies...

    Fancy you're chances?