Thursday, October 7, 2010


Egil wiped his blade clean of blood, taking a deep breath as he surveyed the carnage. The hobgoblins had fought well, their bravery and tenacity far superior to the cowardly tactics of the goblins he had encountered below. He looked at their corpses, wondering if he had fought beside them in the many campaigns where had served as a mercenary. Despite being outnumbered and outclassed, the warchief and his guards had struggled against the invaders to the death, even risking the party's wrath to kill their unconscious enemy. Egil knelt and offered a prayer for the dead to Kord.

Fallen Foemen, Soldiers fierce!
Mighty Stormgod saw your struggle
Clashing swords, clanging steel
Righteous song soars to his stables

Swift they ride, Shieldmaiden's steed
Ferries home the fearless fighter

Hall of worthies, Warrior's rest.
Bane's bale powers cannot blight.

Standing up, he fastened the straps of his armour, once again ready for battle.

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