Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hellrazors vs. Knighty Knights: Results

Appearing in a gout of flame, the four Tiefling Warlocks look around themselves.
At the opposite corner, far in the distance, they can see their opposition.
Two heavily armoured Dragonborn Paladins and two lightly armoured Human Rangers.
Female Human Rangers…
Belial smiles.
He likes Human Females.
Beautiful and they taste like chicken.
Running as fast as they can, the Hellrazors charge toward the cover afforded by the stone ruins. They can’t allow those two archers to use their range advantage.
Fortunately the Dragonborn Paladins are slowed down by their armour and the Rangers don’t seem to want to separate themselves from them.
Creeping forward and running between cover, Azazel is the first to spot the enemy.
‘Hmmm, Ranger or Paladin?’
It’s a dilemma. The Paladins have the ability to heal with a touch, but the Rangers can score massive damage from miles away…
Ultimately it comes down to competition.
That Human bitch is far too pretty and she saw Belial's look of desire.
‘Die Bitch!’ Azazel screams as she releases a burst of psychic energy.
Unbelievably, considering the skill she has and the short distance, she misses.
Soon the battle is joined by the Dragonborns and the other archer.
Azazel, Belial and Mastema are all hurt by multiple arrows, but they manage to stay out of the way of the Dragonborn Paladins.
Then the archer targeted by Azazel in the beginning is hit from three blasts of arcane energy. With no will to resist, she falls to the ground only to be blasted again by Vorland.
Vorland’s brow creases for a moment before he smiles broadly.
‘Die puny mortal!’
Her team-mates are enraged and the Dragonborns blast several of the Hellrazors with their acid breath as they close the distance.
The other archer takes advantage of the confusion and shoots multiple arrows at Azazel.
The Rangers skill is phenomenal and the sultry Warlock goes down, pieced in several places.
‘Bitch!’ Screams Belial. ‘No-one pierces Azazel but me! ... And Vorland!’
He tries to retaliate but Dragonborns block his way and the surviving archer has cleverly positioned herself to be out of range.
The Dragonborns stifle any attacks against them and frustratingly, constantly heal themselves throughout the battle.
Finally Mastema is able to put one of the durable Paladins down permanently but as she does so, she exposes herself to the Ranger.
It’s only for a moment, but it’s enough. Mastema is hit by several arrows and collapses.
Belial stops in his tracks. ‘That bitch has killed our bitches!’
He runs up to the last Dragonborn and just as he reaches him, teleports towards the last Ranger. The void left behind implodes and takes out the last noble Dragonborn.
‘Brace yourself bitch. Daddy's coming!’
Seeing the evil intent in the Warlocks eyes, she drops her bow and raises her hands…

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  1. "No-one Pierces Azazel, but me!...And Vorland!"?

    "Brace yourself bitch. Daddy's coming!"?

    Hmm...the subtext just became explicit...