Monday, October 11, 2010

Portcullis of separation

Slinking along after the cat-like Daelagor, Vogir waits patiently as the Eladrin signals where the trap is.
It’s a simple pressure pad that releases the portcullis slightly ahead.
Deftly jumping over it, Daelagor enters the empty room.
Vogir is halfway down the corridor when the ambush is sprung.
The Eladrin is rushed from three directions by at least a dozen hidden Hobgoblins.
He tries to slip back past them but is cut down before Vogir can even release an arrow in his defence!
The Hobgoblin War chief looks up towards Vogir and signals his ‘men’ to press the attack.
Instinctively Vogir stamps down on the pressure pad at his feet.
The portcullis slides into place with a clang, separating Vogir and the rest of the Party from the Hobgoblins and the heavily bleeding Daelagor.


  1. Aha! So it was congenital cowardice that made the portcullis go down!

  2. 'Congenital cowardice'?
    I deny nothing.
    ... I also don't mention it to any Party members that didn't notice it at the time.