Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Knight in Hell

Four friends, two brothers, two sisters, two couples. A tight knit group used to fighting for each other, their strengths complement each other. They can fight hand-to-hand or from range, they can heal each other and dispense awesome damage.

But, they were not expecting the sheer ferocity of destruction and evil meted out by four of hells lieutenants. Un-earthly aberrations blood-thirsty and cowardly.

As the friends approached the battle field, they saw the evil degenerates at the far corner. To the right were trees, to the left massive ruins. The cowards, of course made their way to cover and the friends decided that they should engage them sooner than later.

This was the first of their mistakes. The warlocks clearly had been here before and moved around the space with ease. The brothers Rip and Van moved slowly but Winkle and Twinkle moving quickly did not want to leave their hearts behind.

Soon they found themselves in an poor position, their movements hampered by the walls and lakes. Still, as soon as the demons were espied the girls fired arrow after arrow at them in full assaults. The dogs responded and the brave ranger Twinkle sadly took the full force of the eye-bite and witch-fire and was soon unconscious. Winkle managed to respond and take down one of the demon-seed-females, but to her horror the spiteful evil cowardly devil spawn struck again at her dying sister.

Seeing his lady go down, Rip was incensed and managed to get in a strike at the razors. However, his valour was to be repaid with pain, and his brother's healing hands were not enough to keep him going.

Each time brave soldiers channelled Kord's divine might into massive damage, the Tiefling would down another potion and be healed. Likewise Winkle. - their efforts were not enough as their enemy skulked around the battle field never engaging in valiant combat as should be right. Soon Rip was down too.

Van eventually succumbed to the assault in the most evil manner. The hell-spawn of dogs' most cowardly tactic? To move to engage the honourable paladin, then immediately step with a demon stride away though another plane to reappear far away, leaving a bolt of fire to rend him asunder; without any opportunity to strike back. Utterly Evil.

Winkle eventually found herself alone with just two of the slime remaining standing - maybe she still had a chance. But before she could do anything more, they had healed each other and were about to descend on her.

She knew then, it was all over.


  1. Why does the phrase 'Paladin in hell' come to me?

    Great battle!

  2. Could it be referring to the adventure by Monte Cook (Which I thought was a novel before I googled it) ?

  3. OK, you made me google it.
    It's a caption on a picture from the first 'Advanced' D&D books back in the 70's.
    Weird the things you (vaguely) remember.