Monday, November 15, 2010

Aporkalypse: The Preparation

"Look at them! Looking at the big guy we might need bigger skewers!"
Death had to chuckle because of his own joke and looked to Famine
"Maybe you won't be hungry anymore after tonight, brother!"
With this sentence he burst out in laughter and took a deep breath when Famines elbow buried itself deep in his side.
Pestilence looked over to the opponent's corner. "Don't underestimate them. There is a Deva amongst them and the dwarf looks like he is a healer"
"We might have to shave him before the roast, you won't be able to get all the hairs out of your teeth!" Pestilence gave War a sharp look who immediately shut up.
"Ok, everybody knows what they have to do. Stay together and do what the spirits have taught us! In the name of the great spirits: Let's move!"

With the command by Pestilence the group started moving towards the ruins. The battlefield had been changed since they'd last been summoned and it now granted more cover. They moved quickly through the ruins, out of sight of the enemy. Pestilence closed her eyes and called forth a spirit of an eagle to fly though the open areas and look for the enemy who also had vanished. Soon she spotted them behind trees moving upwards. She waved the others to stop and whispered "They move up north! But I can only spot three of them. The small one is missing!"
She looked around a bit more and suddenly the eagle spotted the Halfling just on the other side of the wall. She'd just tried to signal Death and Famine when the Halfling came through a doorway and looked into Death's smiling face. The small rogue staggered back and tried to attack Death who just shrugged it off, his smile widening. Before Death was able to lift his massive fullblade, he could see War's firehawk appearing above the opponent's head, attacking with his claws. The hawk was trained to hover above its opponent after the strike and attack as soon as another opportunity presented itself. Death had his fullblade above his head and prepared to run when a massive blow from Famine, who had charged through the building, almost took the Halfling off his feet.
Death looked annoyed! He had found the Halfling! Feeling the rage building up inside him, he darted forward, his sword in full swing..........

[Day one over, mostly moving until the rogue encountered Team Apocalypse in the ruins and unfortunately far away from his friends. He managed to survive an at-will range attack by War and a charge by Famine but already took damage (14 I think) and the chances of them coming to his help before Death is upon him are slim to none]


  1. Christoph and I watched yesterday's 'battle'.
    A lot of movement and preparation but the combat only started in the last ten minutes.
    Josh's (increasingly unlucky) Halfling Rogue accidently wandered out in front of Sven's Barbarian.

  2. Tactical movement before engagement - this is a much more sophisticated battle than before.

    I assume that you have only a view of the battlefield from your player perspective - which is brilliant and adds a lot to the game I'm sure.

    I'm excited to hear if the halfling makes it ;)

    BTW: I love the conversations between Sven's group - very funny indeed!