Monday, November 22, 2010

Talk of the Devil

The Tall Tiefling keeps his eyes firmly downcast as he reports back to his Master.
‘I don’t understand why you are being so generous Master. The Human is contemptuous of your gift. He takes it and laughs at you behind your back.’
The voice above him chuckles.
‘You think he only laughs ‘behind my back’? Why Vogir isn’t at all shy about sharing his feelings for me.’
The Tiefling shivers. His Master is horribly unpredictable but powerful enough to end his life with but a thought.
With a massive but slow gesture, the huge demon spreads his arms wide.
‘Ever since his Grandfather unwittingly freed me from this prison, I’ve waited for an opportunity to corrupt him. His Great grandfather Estaban was eminently corruptible, but his Grandfather Mendez was too noble to fall to me. The Human even had the nerve to challenge me while I remained on his realm!’
‘Is that why you want his soul Master?’
The Demon is silent for a moment. ‘Yes. Well, mostly yes. His Father didn’t venture from the family so I couldn’t claim him, but young Vogir has enough hate in him to fall.’
‘But how will you do it Master?’
‘Simple. I’ve given him a small taste of my power. Soon he’ll want more, but this time it’ll cost him.’
‘His soul?’
‘No. Not yet. Let’s see if he’ll swap some of his hard earned skill for some easy eldritch energy?’
Unbeknownst to the Tiefling, his master’s grin widens frighteningly.


  1. A friend of the devil is a friend of mine...but not a friend of Bayern! ;)

  2. Vogir isn't a friend of the Devil. He holds him in contempt!
    This also could perhaps be why he doesn't trust the evil, lying bitch, Tiefling Assassin!