Monday, November 1, 2010

Demonican standoff

Hunkering down with their backs pressed against the rough stone walls, the four Tieflings start to sweat.
‘Do you really think they’ll come in after us?’ whispers Belial.
‘It would be a massive mistake on their part’ responds Mastema through gritted teeth.
Seconds turn into minutes and Vorland call over the wall offering another chance of surrender.
It’s possibly that it’s this that alerts the sharp-eared Eladrin to their position.
He’s there in a moment, but as soon as Mastema sees him, she rushes forward.
It was only a glimpse, but screaming in rage, she barrels through the gap in the ruined masonry.
As soon as sees the Eladrin though, she’s hit by a blast of draconic power as the tiny Sorceress takes her opportunist shot.
Fortunately Mastema’s saved by her own demonic protective wards.
In a blind fury she sends two blasts of power at the startled looking Warlord. The first misses, but the second does not.
Belial sees her go and also charges forward.
He sees the Halfling and the Eladrin but not the Half-Orc…
A single arrow glances off his own magical protective shell.
The distance is quite far so he’s forced to run, but as soon as he gets to them, he summons up a void to Hell, passes through it and leaves the two Denim recruits to enjoy the following implosion.
Then Vorland sprints forward.
Two more blasts of energy leaves the Eladrin down!
All three of the attacking Tieflings feel their bodies lighten and float back out of danger.
Not to be left out though, Azazel rushes forward into the space left by her teammate’s sudden departure.
She fires her most powerful spell at the still standing Halfling.
The hellish witchfire should throw off her aim…
Her second blast finds it’s target though and the sneering little Sorceress goes down…
Floating back in misty form, Azazel hears the Half-Orcs angry voices.
Puffing and wheezing from the exertion, Vorland realises that, despite the loss of half their team, the Orcs still have the advantage…
Hoping that they’ll be reasonable, he offers the ‘Draw?’


  1. I am not sure that Vorland is the greatest tactical mind of the multiverse. The half-orcs only option at this point would have been to cut and run into open ground in the hope that the tieflings would pursue.

  2. I was being kind.

    The Hellrazors would have won at this juncture but it had been a stand off until the point you chose to hunt my team out.

    You only did it to test your characters out.
    In 'reality' my team wouldn't go into the open and yours wouldn't have gone in to the ruins.