Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Impressions

Niema healed herself and looked around. It had been a quick battle and it had been difficult to hide her abilities from the others without getting hurt too much. It was the first fight she saw the group fighting and it was time for a quick analysis.
The dwarf definitely was the one to stay close to. His spells had been useful and a healer is always a good thing to have around you. She would have to be careful to keep him on her side.
The Eladrin seemed to be a powerful fighter who had the ability to use teleportation which made him a useful tool but was also a bit reckless at times. The death of his cousin still seemed to affect him and maybe kept him from keeping a clear head for the fight.
Celestes, well, was a half-orc and for that had fought well. Niema didn't think much of orcs. They made good meat shields but needed a strong hand to lead them. Jumping into the river into the middle of the fish was an, lets say, interesting choice. The type of choices that get you killed quickly! But it enabled herself to move around almost freely behind his back.

Her gaze fell on the Dragonborn. He hadn't been there when she first met the group and had only joined again later. Niema hadn't talked to him yet. Dragonborns long ago had fought her race and were responsible for her people being nomads now and the hate was still rooted deep inside her. Her diabolic blood was boiling every time she looked at him. But the group seemed to think highly of him, so her options of getting rid of this nuisance without losing the group were slim. But as expected, he was a lousy fighter. He took the most damage and had to run from the attackers and hide behind a shed. So maybe this problem would solve itself soon.

While she was thinking about Ghanash, Vogir had joined the group again and gave her a probing look. Although being a male human, the type of people she normally had no problem manipulating, he seemed to keep his distance from her. His arrows had taken down the Hippogriffs and he clearly was the best ranged fighter in the group. He surely couldn't suspect anything! She couldn't afford to have him as opponent. She brushed down her dress and went straight for him with an enthusiastic voice:
"And here comes the hero who took down the Hippogriffs all by himself with his arrows! I haven't seen anybody for some time who was that proficient with a bow and made it look so easy! I'm honoured to have such an talented protector by my side!"


  1. Hid behind a shed indeed!
    Two criticals in a row before he'd barely moved!

    We'll see how the enemy fares once they take the more noble option of facing the Dragonborn in hand-to-hand combat!

    Nice entry, Sven...

  2. Oh, I dont' intend to give you too much "hand-to-hand" combat ....

    I love the tension brewing among the party because of Niema. It is different from the usual "I don't trust the thief" kind.

  3. This sentence just made my day! My plan finally succeeded!! Muhahahaha! Seems that I'm finally homing in on what I had planned a long time ago by creating Eolar........ :)

  4. And wouldn't it be hand-to-scale combat? :)

  5. Or even hand-to-shed combat?

    Attempt at Niema to follow...