Monday, November 8, 2010

Faster than the eye

Standing in the centre of his rented room above the tavern, Vogir tries again.
With blinding speed, he slings his bow over his shoulder and in a fluid motion, pulls both his swords from their sheaths.
It would be impressive were it not for the fact that the blades keep going. Escaping his grasp, they embed themselves in the wooden wall and floor.
With a grimace, Vogir yanks the blades free and prepares to try again.

4th level Vogir learns the ‘Quick draw’ feat.
No more gathering up his dropped belongings after each skirmish.


  1. What feats did everyone else choose?

  2. Armoured Warlord: Proficiency with Scale armour and an extra healing surge

    Defensive Mobility: +2 AC vs opportunity attacks

    Fast Runner: +2 to movement when running or charging.

    Ghanash has learned much in his time away, but it could be condensed quite simply into: "CHAAAARRRGGGE!"