Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fish and Hip(pogryph)s

Sheathing his two swords, Vogir kicks the carcass of the Hippogryph. Thanks to his arrows he’d managed to bring down both of them while his travelling companions had dealt with the curious, water squirting fish.

Examining his injuries, he waits for Bayern to cross the bridge and administer some aid.

Those Hawk/Horse creatures were tough but thankfully as stupid as the fish.

Shaking his head, he wonders about the twisted concept of bravery the others seem to share.

The Dragonborn Ghanash, acted in a way as to be expected, and the Orc Orestes too. But the others…

Velorian, seemingly lost without his cousin, acted rashly. He actually attempted to teleport up to the Hippogryph while in flight.
The following fall could easily have killed him…
Perhaps he’s feeling a bit suicidal?

The Tiefling: Niema is literally too dark to be trusted.
What was she doing in the dungeons of Winterhaven? She was certainly no sacrificial virgin, regardless of what she said… And she has magic.
Black magic.

Only the Dwarf Bayern has proven himself totally trustworthy. He ably supported the others with his encouragement, strong arms and healing spells.

Still, wading into the water after fish. What were they thinking?
Why don’t any of them have bows?

Sighing, Vogir wishes Zahig and Rudha-an had joined them. At least they know how to stay away from an enemy.

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  1. Niema has dark magic?? I have no idea what you are talking about! ;-)
    Vogir can't see the shrouds until I put one on him, he just saw her vanishing for a second when she attacked the fish if he even saw that from so far away and yes, she was walking through an area with a shadowy haze.....but that was just there by pure coincidence :)
    And for the rest of the battle you saw a good-looking woman wielding a greatsword (rather pathetically as it turns out) which should have distracted you enough. You might wonder where in that dress the sword is hidden now, but woman can hide almost everything in a handbag, so that shouldn't disturb you too much! :D