Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In the shadows

After tricking the dumb group of males of assorted races into thinking that she was a helpless female (what little they know!) and using them to get to Winterhaven as something of a hero, Niema had, as is her way, slunk back into the background and the shadows. A neat trick when your leather dress normally causes guys to double take and trip up over their own toes.

She followed the activities of the group - focusing particularly on the human Vogir and the powerful but impressionable dwarf - hoping that they might have some interesting leads for her. But they were sedentary and wrapped up in the death of two of their friends. More weakness.

She had almost given up and gone her own way when she had heard that there was talk of the Stonefang Pass in the Ironwall mountain being reopened. Probably didn't mean much to the peasants around here, but it was a most significant connection to the rich lands beyond the mountains. Moreover, it was where she NEEDED to be.

A word in the ear of the squat cleric about the wonders of the dwarven work and the possibility of treasure in the mountains was all that was needed to set the group in motion - not just her group, but a vanguard - her personal army. Still, the army was lacking a little as there was no obvious fighter. Another small problem that it was easy for her to resolve ;)


  1. Good to know that Vogir's not the romantic fool that his Grandfather was.

  2. Niema is quite pleased with herself. Now she just has to find the half-orc again that she'd chatted up a few days ago. A few beers and a bit of chit-chat should do to motivate him.

    Of course the story was that she was captured by Kelarel who was planning to sacrifice an innocent maiden to the creature in the Shadowfell! How else would somebody like here made it into the dungeon after all? And since she is treating the guys like the heroes who rescued her from the claws of death.....